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AEC 4052 Communication Campaign Strategies > Projects > Teams

Campaign Team Positions

How much you share in the group portion of the grade will be determined in part by your rating on the peer evaluation (Excel file, opens in new window).

  • All team members
    • Work independently on tasks that fit your strengths
      • Evaluated by peers on the following:
        • Meets all deadlines
        • Is reliable and dependable
        • Self-starter: needs little instruction
        • Produces high-quality work
    • Work as a team on plan book & supporting materials
      • Evaluated by peers on:
        • Attends all group/team meetings.
        • Participates in discussions
        • Responds quickly to emails, etc.
        • Offers suggestions, feedback, ideas
        • Available to help others

  • All directors
    • Lead team in area that fits your strengths, expertise
    • Evaluated on:
      • Makes sound decisions to meet campaign goals
      • Works to assure high-quality work
      • Communicates expectations
      • Sets fair deadlines
      • Offers helpful critiques
      • Meets all deadlines
      • Motivates me to do my best work

  • Director
    • Leads team and liaises between team and instructor
    • Point person with client
    • Assigns tasks based on campaign objectives
    • Sets internal deadlines
    • Sets budget and works to keep team within it
    • Vets final work (final editor) before submission
    • Calls and conducts team meetings as needed
      • It's important for the director to attend all meetings and remain engaged.

  • Assistant Director
    • Assists director with all aspects
    • Second-line editor of all materials
    • Takes lead with planning special events
      • Including presentation to client

  • Research Director
    • Leads team in all phases of research
      • Situation analysis
      • Issue tracking
      • Focus group, message testing & any other original research
      • Evaluation plan

  • Art Director
    • Responsible for design and production of all supporting materials
      • (except media kit contents)
    • Works closely with assistant director on special event materials
    • Works closely with media relations director on media kit design
    • Knowledge of InDesign, WordPress and Photoshop essential
    • Knowledge of Dreamweaver and Illustrator desirable

  • Media Relations Director
    • Responsible for materials in media kit
    • Works closely with art director for kit design
    • Works closely with assistant director on special event
    • First-line editor of all final written materials

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