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Instructions on the major assignments

Assignments are due in Canvas on the dates noted in the syllabus, all at 11:59 p.m. unless otherwise instructed in class. Late work is penalized 10% per day. You are responsible for assuring that your submission has been correctly uploaded. Optional rewrites are available for assignments 2-3, 6 and 8 and are strongly advised. The rewrites are due one week after the corrected versions are returned to you. The document files should be titled yourlastname, followed by the number of the assignment as listed below; for example, perry3. Add an R to the document title for the rewrite; for example, perry3R.

Late submissions for rewrites will not be accepted. You are responsible for checking Canvas for returned assignments.

1. Memo
2. Pitch Letter

3. Press Release

Write a press release of about 500 (450-550) words about your approved topic, which may be the topic you chose for the pitch letter, and follow the guidelines outlined in lecture. The press release should be double spaced, flush left, with 10-12 pt. type. Make yourself the contact person.

Be sure to write it in inverted pyramid style and use AP style. Use all features necessary for good ethics and professionalism, as discussed in class.

Write a headline of one line only, following the guidelines discussed in lecture.

Be sure to include all elements outlined in the checklist below:

Press Release Grading Sheet

Structure (20%)

__ The press release is about 500 (450-550) words. 

__ The assignment is submitted in MS Word via Canvas with the correctly styled file name.
__ The press release is structured following the guidelines given in lecture, double-spaced, and has
second-page- (if needed) and end-marks.

__ The story is structured in inverted pyramid. 

Content (40%)
__ The press release includes sender, sent date, release date/time, and writer's contact information.
__ The press release topic is approved by your instructors and is newsworthy.

__ The press release includes a headline.

__ The lead grabs readers' attention, and the facts support the lead.
__ The press release answers who, what, when, where, why and how. 

__ The content is factual, containing no unattributed judgment, conjecture or opinion.

Writing (40%)
__ The press release is written from the audience's perspective, not the source's.
__ The writing is to the point and uses simple language and active sentences.

__ The press release has at least one direct quote, which is attributed correctly as outlined in lecture.

__ Paragraphs are short but well developed. 

__ The headline is a skeletonized sentence, following the guidelines give in lecture, and captures the
essence of the press release.

__ Sentences are short, but complete, and not run-ons. 

__ Transitions are used effectively.
__ The writing is concise, especially the lead. 

__ The writing is clear. 

__ The writing is free from grammatical errors.

__ The writing is free from spelling errors.

__ The writing is free from capitalization errors. 

__ Punctuation is used correctly.
__ The press release correctly uses AP style.

4. Cover letter & Résumé
5. Web Article & Tweet
6. Article on Science Topic
7. PSA
8. News Feature
9. Issues Management Report